"She's not a child anymore, letting her go was the only right thing you could have done for her. She was angry and confused. Hurt, because you wanted to bury the past. She has really been discovering herself lately. So many things she couldn't do before because you "wouldn't approve of it"."

-Whiskey speaking to Harry about Chloe.

Biography Edit

Chloe Athena Travis (born August 23rd, 1995 in San Paro) is an ex-criminal in San Paro. Orphaned since she was 14, she lost everything and had to learn to survive in the streets of San Paro with her brother Harry. As the years passed, she made a few allies that helped the young, naive and hostile girl become the clever and resourceful woman she is today.

Early Life Edit


Adult Life Edit


Personality Edit


Equipment Edit

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Abilities Edit

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Miscellaneous Edit

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